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At UNODC in Eastern Africa, we are making real, positive differences to lives across the region. From countering transnational organized crime to making prisons safer and more efficient, learn more about how we are making UNODC’s Strategic Vision for Africa a reality.

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UNODC wildlife timber Malawi Kenya Tanzania Uganda

Strengthening Port Security in Port Louis, Mauritius.

22 September 2023

Mauritius's shipping and port infrastructure is vital for its national economy as a small island highly dependent on international trade...

UNODC wildlife timber Malawi Kenya Tanzania Uganda

Engine Maintenance to Support Maritime Operations in Kenya.

4 – 14 September 2023

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime’s Global Maritime Crime Programme (UNODC GMCP) has supported ..

UNODC wildlife timber Malawi Kenya Tanzania Uganda

Supporting Regional Collaboration in the Maritime Domain through South-South Cooperation.

04 September 2023

UNODC, through its Global Maritime Crime Programme (GMCP) aims to promote maritime information sharing and operational cooperation...

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