Islamic Republic of Iran


The Sub-Programme 1, " Border Management and Illicit Trafficking" would promote and support national drugs and precursors control capacities and regional-international cooperation in line with the international recognised standards and UN Conventions and instruments. 

 The project focus will be on assisting the Iranian counterparts in  stemming the flow of illicit drugs and chemical precursors trafficking to/from Afghanistan by promoting capacity building and helping develop procedures for operations to disrupt and dismantle transnational drug-related threats.

It will provide capacity-building and value-added technical training and support designed to upgrade and enhance the capacities and technical knowledge of law enforcement, Anti Narcotic Police (ANP), and Customs on border management and interdiction of illicit drugs, precursors and Amphetamine Type Stimulant (ATS) control, interdiction and trafficking. The analytical and scientific capacities and knowledge of drug testing laboratories will also be strengthened through facilitating their participation in the International Collaborative Exercise (ICE).

Controlled delivery operations with regional and international actors will be enhanced to intercept and bring to justice the organized criminal networks and their kingpins, as well as reduce the transit of heroin from Iran to more lucrative markets in Europe and other destinations.

Training courses, specialized equipment, and operational support will be provided to the national authorities to improve the existing law enforcement mechanisms, in line with international standards and best practices. UNODC will also use all opportunities including in the specialized training sessions to highlight to the Iranian counterparts the need for the protection and respect of human rights in the course of drug control operations.

Besides focused operational initiatives at the national level, specific importance will be given to the promotion of regional and international cooperation and networking on drugs and illicit chemical trafficking control. Cooperation with Afghanistan and Pakistan under Triangular Initiative (TI) will continue to be facilitated at all levels.

Politically, it will support Iran's active engagement in all TI meetings (Ministerial, senior, and technical) and in confidence-building measures. Operationally, the sub-programme will support the work of the Tehran-based Joint Planning Cell (JPC), the Border Liaison Offices (BLOs), and the improvement of cross-border, regional, and international information and intelligence exchange and mechanism building.

At the regional level the project links its activities and deliverables with Regional Programme for Afghanistan and Neighbouring Countries, Sub-Programme 1 ''Regional Law Enforcement Cooperation''.