Islamic Republic of Iran


UNODC Country Partnership Programme in the Islamic Republic of Iran 2023-2026

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) Country Partnership Programme (CPP) 2023-2026 in the Islamic Republic of Iran profiles the overarching strategic framework of comprehensive technical partnership, financial assistance, and cooperation for supporting policies, measures and efforts of the latter in preventing and combating drugs, crime, corruption as well as in crime prevention and criminal justice. The CPP will provide required sustainable high-quality technical assistance under the UNODC mandates to the Islamic Republic of Iran‘s national counterparts, and as requested by the national counterparts, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), civil society organizations (CSOs), academia, research and scientific institutions, private sector, and public entities, based on the needs and priorities of the national counterparts, in accordance with the national laws and regulations. The Programme will support and strengthen the national responses to the pressing drugs and crime challenges in the country while considering past achievements under the previous Country Partnership Programme (2015-2022), and the importance of sustaining the results achieved during this period. [Full Text - En]