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A young Iranian tells how he successfully stopped using drugs at the UN70 marked in Tehran.


stories/11sep2014-addiction-cong/11sep2014addiction-cong1.jpg Tehran glows in UN blue light in celebration of UN 70th Anniversary in Iran

The Milad Tower, the iconic 435 m tall landmark of Tehran, and the Nature Bridge another famous city landmark were lit up in the distinctive UN blue to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the United Nations in Iran.
The UN and its partners, including the Iranian Government authorities, held a series of activities to mark the 70th birthday of the UN. The partnership between the UN and Iran goes back to 1945 when the UN was established with Iran as one of its founding members.
Mr. Leik Boonwaat UNODC representative addressing the audience
H.E. Mr. Jan Eliasson, UN Deputy Secretary-General
An event to mark the 70th Birthday of the UN was attended by over 1200 guests from the diplomatic corps, Government, civil society, academia and the UN in Tehran. The event was chaired by the UN Deputy Secretary-General Mr. Jan Eliasson, Iranian Deputy Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dr. Abbas Araghchi, the UN Resident Coordinator, Mr. Gary Lewis and the Director General of Environment and Sustainable Development in Ministry of Foreign Affiars, Mr. Peyman Saadat.

H.E. Dr. Abbas Araghchi, Deputy Foreign Minister
Mr. Eliasson highlighted areas of cooperation between the UN and Iran as well as the country's advances in the implementation of the MDGs. He said the UN counted on the Government of Iran to adapt the global sustainable development goals to national economic planning. He assured that the UN system in Iran stood ready to assist the country in every way possible in this endeavor. He also stressed the challenges Iran faces in several areas as well as its contributions to addressing the crises in the region. He said that "Iran has considerable influence in the region and we at the UN continue the dialogue with Iran on how it can contribute to regional peace and security".
Iran is one of the few countries in the world that has identified drug control as a key priority area for cooperation within the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF). In his statement the Deputy Minister Dr Abbas Araghchi, confirmed that Drug Control would continue to be an important priority area for cooperation within the new UNDAF for Iran.
Mr. Iman Rahimian, sharing his successful story
Mr. Iman Rahimian, a 17 year old former drug user told the audience how with the help of UNODC and the Drug Control Headquarters and the cooperation of the Iranian NGO, Institute for improvement of Iranian Life Quality (ILIA) he had been able to successfully stop using illicit drugs and learn how to cope with stress and life problems without drugs.

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