Islamic Republic of Iran


Despite the pandemic of Corona, capacities on crime related matters have been increased


Tehran, 18 January 2021 – Within the framework of UNODC Country Partnership Programme in the Islamic Republic of Iran 2015-2020 and in line with the objectives of its Sub-Programme 2 on Crime, Corruption and Criminal Justice, the governmental counterparts have been provided with the access to the e-learning courses of UNODC.

In the period of June to December 2020, one hundred and twenty governmental officials, comprised of 73 males plus 47 female individuals, have been granted with the exclusive personalized access to the selected courses. They held official posts in the hierarchies of governmental bodies as heads of offices, experts and researchers. The composition of national counterparts which have been served successfully in the practice included the Judiciary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Financial Intelligence Unit, Police and Customs Administration.

During the six months of constant interactions with the governmental counterparts, the trainees attended the following e-learning courses of (alphabetical order) Airport interdiction techniques and risk assessment, Anticorruption, Container profiling and examination, Counter terrorism, Crime scene investigation, Gender issues, Human rights, Human trafficking, Intelligence analysis, Investigating drug organized crime, Investigating sexual exploitation of children for specialist investigators, Investigation sexual exploitation for children, Judicial ethics, Land border interdiction, Money laundering and financing crimes, Organized crime, Risk management, Seaport interdiction techniques and risk assessment, Smuggling of migrants, Strengthening national evaluation capacity, Tool kit: gender and security sector reform, and Wild life and forest crime.

Founded on the consultations with the UNODC HQs and in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic Iran, the UNODC Country Office in Iran succeeded to moderate the collaboration rightfully and to serve its national beneficiaries in line with the standards and norms of the United Nations.

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