Islamic Republic of Iran


Japan's supplementary contribution (2019-2020) supports UNODC Programme
in the Islamic Republic of Iran



27 March 2019 Tehran - UNODC Iran has received new contribution from the Government of Japan for 2019-2020. The fund aims to support the activities of UNODC Iran for strengthening capacities on countering transnational organized crime and enhancing drug demand reduction initiatives in Iran.

Funds provided by the Government of Japan will support two sub-programmes of UNODC Country Partnership Programme for the Islamic Republic of Iran namely Sub-Programme 1 "Border Management and Illicit Trafficking" and Sub-Programme 3 "Drug Use Prevention, Treatment, Rehabilitation, and HIV Care".

The activities related to Sub-programme 1 are aiming at increasing the enforcement and technical capacities of the Iranian counterparts in countering transnational organized crime, drugs trafficking, human trafficking, and financing of terrorism. It also aims to increase multilateral regional cooperation.

The activities related to Sub-programme 3 are aiming at enhancing drug prevention and treatment services in Iran through supporting public health and facilitate recovery of people with Substance/Drug Use Disorders. The interventions contribute to improvement of public health and strengthening of public safety to prevent drugs, crime, and violence, with special focus on women, youth, children, and marginalised population.

Japan as an active member of the Mini-Dublin Group in Iran has continuously supported the activities of UNODC in Iran and has contributed to the efforts undertaken by the Government of Iran for tackling the challenges of illicit drugs as well as its transit through the country to external black markets.



For additional information please contact Hossein Asgarian (Mr.),

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