Islamic Republic of Iran


Official Handover Ceremony at the Iranian Anti-Narcotics Police Dog Centre


Tehran, 16 July 2023 – The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in the Islamic Republic of Iran, in an official ceremony, handed-over three Drug Trace Detector devices, three Drug Identification devices, five fully trained Drug Detecting Dogs and almost four hundred canine training accessories and ancillary supplies to the Anti-Narcotics Police (ANP) of the Islamic Republic of Iran, procured under generous Japanese fund.

This official event was organized at the Anti-Narcotics Police (ANP) Drug Detecting Dog centre (SAPKA) in Karaj, with invaluable presence of H.E. Ambassador Aikawa, Ambassador of Japan in Iran, as the representative of the Government of Japan, the donor for these activities, which has also been supporting UNODC activities on Drug Supply Reduction in the recent years.

These procurements were implemented under sub-programme 1 of UNODC Country Partnership Programme (CPP) aim to further increase the operational capacity of the Iranian Anti-Narcotics Police. The event was organized as part of the activities foreseen in the framework of the sub-programme 1 “Border Management and Illicit Trafficking” of UNODC Country Partnership Programme for the Islamic Republic of Iran through the generous donation of the Government of Japan

Iran remains as one of the major transit route for drug trafficking from Afghanistan to European countries. UNODC has built a strong partnership with the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran in several areas including the capacity building for the Iranian law enforcements and has been providing technical assistant to the Iranian Government in their fight against illicit trafficking of drugs and precursors. The trained drug detecting dogs will be used at border crossings around the country to conduct search on trucks, containers and cargos passing through the legal entry points. In his remarks during the official ceremony, Mr. Alexander Fedulov, UNODC Country Representative in Iran, highlighted the significant achievements of the Iranian Anti-Narcotics Police and its drug detecting dog centre and expressed his readiness to provide technical and procurement support upon availability of financial support from the donor countries.

H.E. Ambassador Aikawa also commented on the successful achievements of the Islamic Republic of Iran Anti-Narcotics Police and stated that the level of activities and seizures by Iran, at the frontline of fight against drugs, is very impressive.

In this official event, Brigadier General Barin, the Deputy Head of Iranian Anti-Narcotics Police, acknowledged the technical support and procurements from the UNODC, also the generous financial support from the Government of Japan and stated that since the menace of drug is a global problem it demands global efforts and support to be solved. Brigadier General Barin further explained that Anti-Narcotics Police canine centre is responsible for more than 10 percent of the annual seizure of the whole country and use of drug detecting dogs is considered a convenient method for identification of hidden concealments of illicit drugs.  


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