Islamic Republic of Iran


Secretary General of Drug Control Headquarters and UNODC Iran Country Representative agreed on enhancing drug control partnership



25 February 2019 Tehran - UNODC Iran Country Representative, Alexander Fedulov and Secretary General Momeni of Drug Control Headquarters met and discussed areas of joint interest on drug control and enhancing of two sides' cooperation under the UNODC Iran Country Partnership Programme (2015-2019). Moreover, Mr. Fedulov informed about UNODC interest for continuing the UNODC Country Partnership Programme and the idea was welcomed by the Drug Control Headquarters to extend the UNODC CPP for the period of 2020-2023.


Mr. Momeni in his remarks, mentioned about the role of Iran as the front line in stopping Afghan drug trafficking through Iran to European markets. He also requested for more support from the international community, in line with the scales of drug trafficking challenge imposed on Iran.

Mr. Fedulov noted the concern of the Drug Control Headquarters on challenges caused by Afghan poppy cultivation and drug trafficking. He also confirmed that huge seizures of opiates and cannabis by Iranian Anti-Narcotics Police and Law Enforcement is indicative of serious efforts by Iran against drug and drug trafficking challenges.

Mr. Fedulov reiterated UNODC's support to Iranian delegation headed by SG Momeni for participation at the 62nd session of the CND, and meeting with UNODC Executive Director, Mr. Yury Fedotov.