Islamic Republic of Iran

UNODC and UNHCR join hands for provision of treatment and rehabilitation services to Afghan refugees in Iran

20 December 2012 - UNODC and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Iran have signed a Letter of Understanding aimed at upgrading the capacities of Drop-in-Centers that provide HIV prevention, treatment and care services to Afghan refugees in the country. This is the first formal cooperation agreement between the two United Nations entities in Iran on provision of drug related services to refugees.

In line with the global agreement between the two United Nations agencies, the cooperation will enhance the efficiency and quality of assistance to Afghan refugees in Iran as well as to the local population in the country.

The two agencies are planning to increase the knowledge, skills and confidence of service providers that offer treatment and care intervention services to refugees suffering from stimulant use. The cooperation will further educate the providers on the essential elements of physical activities and sports in the rehabilitation process of substance users.

UNHCR Iran welcomed the letter of understanding as a way of streamlining the mutual work of both entities in providing coordinated assistance to persons of concern and those who need it the most.

''UNODC's mandates on drug demand reduction and HIV control is complementary to UNHCR's work of protecting refugees' health and welfare'', said Kaveh Moradi Deputy Representative of UNODC Iran.