Islamic Republic of Iran


UNODC in the Islamic Republic of Iran Organized a Study Visit for Professionals from Iran in Tashkent – Uzbekistan


The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in the Islamic Republic of Iran organized a specialized three-day study visit to the Regional Customs Canine Centre of Uzbekistan, for law enforcement experts and officers from the Drug Control Headquarters (DCHQ), Anti-Narcotics Police (ANP), and Customs Administration of the Islamic Republic of Iranian, from 4 to 6 December 2023, in Tashkent – Uzbekistan.


UNODC Iran has been actively present in the Islamic Republic of Iran since 1999 and considers Iran as one of the strategic partners for drug control and crime prevention in the region and has been supporting the Islamic Republic of Iran by providing technical assistance and training for years ever since its establishment.




The comprehensive curriculum of this study visit encompassed various activities and topics, inter alia session on “Construction and structure of an optimal canine centre, management of an optimal canine centre; staffing of an optimal canine centre; breeding, health, treatment, food etc. for drug detecting dogs”.




In addition to the classes and lectures, the participants of this study visit were also informed of practical information required for management of a kennel and specific methods used for training and handling of working dogs.

In addition to various lectures and specialized seminars and classes envisaged under the curriculum of this training, practical trainings and visits to various sections and departments of this Regional Centre were foreseen for the members of the delegation, which significantly enriched the courses, and complemented the theoretical section.


Amongst the visits to various wards and departments of this centre, the members of delegation visited the veterinary ward and had the opportunity to directly ask their questions from the specialized medical staff. The head of the medical centre provided the delegation with pertinent information and answered questions regarding structure, staffing, equipment and other technical aspects of management of veterinary ward. 

This study visit was very well received by the participants and in case of availability of budget, similar activities will be organized with cooperation of this center in the future.



The last day of the event was allocated to provision of a summary, and questions and answers with presence of all senior lecturers, instructors and officials of the centre, which was very well received by the members of the delegation and in which the instructors and members of the Iranian delegation took the opportunity to share information and ideas. There was also a demonstration of operational activities of the drug detecting dogs which again was very fruitful and interesting.


In a message, the UNODC Iran Country Representative, Mr. Alexander Fedulov, highlighted the importance of international cooperation in fighting the menace of drugs and while expressing his gratitude to the officials of Regional Customs Canine Centre of Uzbekistan and UNODC Regional Office for Central Asia (ROCA) for supporting organization of this activity, hoped that in future activities with similar nature would continue upon provision of support by donors.

At graduation ceremony, the certificates of the participants from the Islamic Republic of Iran were handed over by Colonel Farrukh, the Head of the Regional Center, in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. At the end of the training and pursuant to the official ceremony at the Regional Customs Canine Centre of Uzbekistan, memorial trees were planted to symbolize enduring fellowship among partners in Iran and Uzbekistan and continuous cooperation in the future.  

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