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UNODC support for establishment of Canine (K9) capacity in Afghanistan

Tehran, 05 April 2018 - The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) under a trilateral cooperation among UNODC, Russian and Japan explores the possibility for establishment of K9 capacity in Afghanistan. 

Establishment of K9 facility in Afghanistan and developing such capacity is potentially considered as a tool for increasing the drug seizure capacity in Counter Narcotics Police of Afghanistan(CNPA). UNODC has been involved together with Government of Iran since 1999 with strengthening K9 capacity in Iran and the K9 Training Centre of the Iranian Police, being responsible for around 14% of the country total annual seizure of drugs, is considered as a successful example of UNODC work in this area.

In order to explore the possibility for developing K9 capacity in Afghanistan UNODC organized two missions. Through an assessment mission to Kabul in November 2017 the feasibility for developing such project were explored. This mission was followed by a visit by team of experts from UNODC Country Offices in Afghanistan and Iran accompanied by UNODC Headquarters and experts from Russia and Japan to the Academy for K9 Training in Rostov, Russia.  

Russia as the donor providing technical support under this cooperation will assist Japan and UNODC for developing the K9 capacity in Afghanistan. 

This initiative being supported under the trilateral cooperation among UNODC, Japan and Russia has been welcomed by the Government of Afghanistan.






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