Core Documents and Suggested Additional Sources

The following sources should be consulted during judicial ethics training courses. The first set of documents are the core documents for courses. These documents should be made available in some form to training participants during the course and may be accessed at the links below. The list at the bottom of the page provides suggestions for further sources on training methodology. 


Bangalore Principles of Judicial Conduct (Economic and Social Council Resolution 2006/23)
Commentary on the Bangalore Principles of Judicial Conduct


United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) UNCAC Implementation Guide and Evaluative Framework for Article 11
Basic Principles on the Independence of the Judiciary Procedures for the Effective Implementation of the Basic Principles on the Independence of the Judiciary
Measures for the Effective Implementation of the Bangalore Principles of Judicial Conduct  


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Additional Resources for Further Study

Judicial Training Handbooks and Presentations
Sources on Impartiality and Potential Biases
Academic Sources
  • The Theory and Practice of Training (2009) R. Buckley and J. Capel (Kogan Paul).
  • How to Design a Training Course (2003) Peter Taylor (Bloomsbury Publishing).
  • The Adult Learner (2005) M. Knowles, E. Holton and R. Swanson (Elsevier).
  • Assessment for Effective Teaching (2004) G. Hanna, P. Dettmer (Toronto, Pearson Education, Inc.
  • Implementing the Four Levels: A Practical Guide to the Evaluation of Training Programmes (2007) J. Kirkpatrick and D. Kirkpatrick (Barrett-Koehler Publications Inc).
  • Facilitating Groups (2010) Jenny Rogers (Open University Press).
  • Experiences in Groups (1961) W. R. Bion, (Tavistock Publications Ltd).
  • Stages of Small-Group Development Revisited (1977), Bruce W. Tuckman and Mary Ann C. Jensen, 1977, Group and Organization Studies, December 2(4), 419-427.
  • Judicial Oaths (2017) Clark-Piper, T. (2007)
  • Judicial Conduct and Ethics (5th Edition) Shaman J, Lubret S. and Alfini J. (The Michie Company, Virginia).
  • The Strange Alchemy of Life and Law (2009) Sachs. A. (Oxford University Press).
  • The Judicial Process: Realism, Pragmatism, Practical Reasoning and Principles. (2005) Thomas E. (Cambridge University Press).
  • The Limits of Judicial Independence? (2016) Borkowski. G. (ed.) (Warsaw-Torin).
  • The Culture of Judicial Independence in a Civilized World (2016) Shetreet. S and McCormack W. (eds.). (Brill Nijhoff).
  • Thinking Fast and Slow (2011) Kahneman, D. (Penguin).
  • Training Methods (2018) Judicial College London.