Judicial Conduct and Ethics Training Package

Trainers' Manual


This manual is intended to be used by judicial trainers. It has been designed as a tool to assist in the face-to-face training of judges (both newly-appointed and experienced) around the world. The manual is designed with the understanding that judges who attend the face-to-face course will have solid knowledge and a good understanding of the Bangalore Principles of Judicial Conduct prior to attending the course. UNODC has designed and produced two sets of materials offering two preliminary routes to the face-to-face training courses to enable judges to be adequately prepared for such training, namely the e-Learning course and the self-directed course. In other words, the face-to-face training, which the manual is focused on, does not provide ab initio training on the relevant issues, rather it supplements and deepens the knowledge and understanding already acquired through the e-Learning or self-directed courses.

Although the primary participant "target group" for this face-to-face course is likely to be newly, or recently-appointed judges, it may also be the case that senior lead judges will wish to take the course themselves. Such an approach would reflect the view of the Judicial Integrity Group, as stated in their first draft of the Bangalore Principles in 2002 when they advocated that senior judges should "lead by example" in the promulgation of the Principles. In this manner, senior judiciary members could add their considerable authority to the course brand. At the same time they could guide their more junior colleagues on possible ethical dilemmas they may face, as well as examine potentially emerging breaches of the principles of judicial conduct in their own jurisdictions.

The manual assists judicial trainers in the design and development of their own conduct and ethics training courses and helps trainers to tailor such courses to the needs and circumstances of their respective jurisdictions. It is hoped that trainers will find that the materials contained is this manual can be easily adapted to meet their particular training requirements when designing a course for the judges for whom they have national, regional or local training responsibility.

The manual provides an indicative course structure, content, and suggestions for the most appropriate training methodologies in the delivery of training courses of this nature. Additionally, there are a number of sample questions, case studies, and other tests that can be used by trainers in the delivery of training on this topic. Typically, a course will last for 1.5 days, although this can be flexible to reflect local resources and logistical challenges.

The instruction cards, as well as the Bangalore Principles booklet, which accompany the Trainers' Manual are also available online:



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