Mission Statement of the Network

Corruption in the justice system - whether actual or perceived - poses a real threat to confidence in the rule of law. 

Officially established in April 2018, the Global Judicial Integrity Network is open to judiciaries and a broad range of individuals and institutions, including judges, magistrates, members of judicial councils, court personnel, judicial associations, and other stakeholders, as well as relevant international organizations.

The Network aims to promote peer learning and support activities, facilitate access to relevant tools and resources related to judicial integrity, and support the further development and effective implementation of principles of judicial conduct and the prevention of corruption within the justice system.

Harnessing the experience of its participants, the Global Judicial Integrity Network seeks to develop and strengthen global guidance and technical materials on judicial integrity and anti-corruption, as well as to provide technical assistance to support judiciaries in the development and implementation of strategies, measures and systems to strengthen integrity and accountability in the justice system. As per the adopted Terms of Reference , the core objectives of the Network include:

  • promoting networking opportunities through virtual and face-to-face opportunities for dialogue, with a view to continuously expand the Network and advance the exchange of knowledge and mutual support;
  • facilitating access to existing guidance materials, tools and similar resources on judicial integrity via an online library of relevant resources;
  • assisting in the identification of gaps in international standards and technical resources on judicial integrity and to support the development of new tools and technical resources to address such gaps and various emerging issues;
  • facilitating the identification of technical assistance needs and the provision of required technical assistance, including through facilitating peer-to-peer support and learning opportunities, such as a training programme on judicial ethics.

Recognizing that many jurisdictions have already made great progress in strengthening judicial integrity, sharing these experiences will help build strong and effective justice institutions and a culture of lawfulness on a global scale, strengthen the rule of law and enhance the delivery of fair and transparent justice to every citizen.

2018-2019 Workplan

Information Sheet


Workplan (2020-2021)

Following the recommendations and suggestions from the second High-Level Meeting of the Global Judicial Integrity Network, as well as the advice of the Advisory Board, the Global Judicial Integrity Network intends to focus thematically on the areas mentioned below in the 2020-2021 workplan.

Promote the dissemination and implementation of the Network's knowledge products and tools, as well as continue the efforts to increase experience-sharing on the following topics:

  • The use of social media by judges;
  • Gender-related judicial integrity issues;
  • The development and implementation of codes of judicial conduct;
  • Judicial ethics training;
  • Investigation of judicial misconduct.

Support judiciaries in addressing other pertinent judicial integrity-related challenges and trends:

  • Explore the links and reinforce the bonds between the concepts of judicial integrity, independence, accountability, immunity, as well as between judicial integrity and substantive issues such as corruption, human rights and transnational organized crime;
  • Undertake efforts to assist judiciaries in increasing public confidence and trust in the judiciary and in promoting access to justice and open justice;
  • Help address challenges and explore opportunities in the area of judicial careers;
  • Address various aspects of the use of artificial intelligence in judiciaries and its implications on judicial integrity.

Continue to serve as a global hub on judicial integrity and a platform of mutual learning and cooperation worldwide:

  • Continue to connect all ongoing efforts and initiatives aimed at strengthening judicial integrity and build partnerships with relevant actors;
  • Continue to expand the Network's website with a view to creating further opportunities for networking, disseminating resources, peer-to-peer learning and promoting experience- and information-sharing.


Achievements Report 2020