International cooperation: Brazil trains officers who will manage new police academy in Guinea-Bissau

Photo: DPF21 May 2010 - A group of nine officers from Guinea-Bissau has completed a course in planning, implementation and management of education, taught by the National Police Academy in Brasilia. The course is one of the first actions in the process of deploying a police academy in Guinea-Bissau, fully funded by the Brazilian government, which invested US$ 3 million in this project. The officers were able to share with fellow Brazilians planning and management education techniques, since they will be responsible for the administration of the future Academy in Guinea-Bissau.

As the facilitator between the governments of the two countries, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) became the first UN agency in Brazil to implement a project in the context of South-South cooperation, by which countries with common historical and cultural traits can help each other to provide development solutions and share successful experiences in the improvements in living conditions of its citizens.


Given the political instability after the civil war, Guinea-Bissau seeks rebuild the pillars of peace, human rights, security, justice and integrity. The creation of a police academy can contribute to improving police forces and to support the Guinean government in implementing the National Plan to Combat Drugs and Crime, whose activities also have the support of UNODC.

The latest world drug reports produced by UNODC show that, increasingly, organized crime has diversified routes and methods for drug trafficking. The reports also show that some of the drugs produced in South America are exported to Europe through West African countries, including Guinea-Bissau. Considering that, organized crime has been operating in different countries and recruiting members of different nationalities, it is important the states act in coordination. With cooperation between police, intelligence, investigation and justice authorities, it will be possible to act more effectively to tackle organized crime and drug trafficking.

The officers trained in this course will join other 66 police officers from Guinea-Bissau who also went through the police academy in Brazil. They will return to their country with the responsibility to work for the institutional strengthening of Guinea-Bissau, in order to ensure the safety of the citizens of their country.

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