UNODC team at the UNODC Brazil Office

UNODC's operational and technical work is executed by approximately 50 professionals of the most different areas - Economy, Law, Business Administration, Anthropology, International Relations, and Communication. They form a team prepared to act on different subjects within UNODC's mandate.



Elena Abbati

UNODC Brazil Director

Ana Maria Cobucci

Representation and Communication Assistant

Ana Paula Cruz Penante Nunes

Executive management officer



Sinap – Support for the implementation of the National System for the Prevention of the Use of Alcohol and Other Drugs

Sâmia Abreu Oliveira


Bruno Fortuna

Technical Communications and Campaigns Analyst


CDESC - Centre for Studies on Drugs and Community Social Development

Gabriela De Luca


Ana Carolina Fleury

Communication Specialist


Illicit trafficking and organized crime

GMCP - Global Maritime Crime Programme

Francesca Caonero



CRIMJUST - Global Criminal Networks Disruption Programme

Mario Hemmerling

Programme Coordinator


PRIS-COOP – Prison Cooperation

Ana Carolina Pekny

Programme Coordinator


TRACK4TIP - Trafficking in Persons and Smuggling of Migrants

Jussara Assaff

Project Officer


Tapajós - Prevalence Project to Reduce Forced Labour in the Gold Mining Sector in the State of Pará

Marcelha Ulha

Programme Coordinator 

Andre Picolotto

Communications Specialist


Prevention of environmental crimes

Alexander Jay Walsh

Coordinator of the Environmental Crime Prevention Unit

Pedro Maziero

Communications Specialist


CRIMFLO - Strengthening the Criminal Justice System Response to Forest Crimes

Nathalia Novaes Alves

Project Coordinator


ECOS - Regional Cooperation to Address Environmental Crimes

Natália von Gal Milanezi

Project Coordinator


EWARS – Projeto de Fortalecimento de Mecanismos Alerta Rápido aos Crimes Ambientais no contexto da Mineração Ilegal de Ouro e da Proteção Territorial Indígena

Elisangela Sousa

Project Coordinator


Crime and Violence Prevention

Crime and Violence Prevention of Pernambuco Programme

Rafael dos Santos Fernandes Sales

Project Officer


Corruption and Integrity Area

Eduardo Pazinato