UNODC team at the Liaison and Partnership Office in Brazil

UNODC's operational and technical work is executed by approximately 50 professionals of the most different areas - Economy, Law, Business Administration, Anthropology, International Relations, and Communication. They form a team prepared to act on different subjects within UNODC's mandate.


Elena Abbati

Country Director

Ana Maria Cobucci

Representation and Communication Assistant

Thematic areas

Rule of Law

UNODC's rule of law area has as its goal to contribute for the offering of an effective response to violence, organized crime and terrorism, through the implementation of relevant international legal instruments. This area also aims at promoting criminal justice systems that are effective, fair and human, through the implementation of United Nations norms and standards on crime prevention and criminal justice.

Nivio Nascimento

Eduardo Pazinato

Public Security, Criminal Justice and Compliance Specialist

Rodrigo Araujo   

Crime Prevention Analyst


Fazendo Justiça Programme

Marina Lacerda - Legal Coordinator

Nara de Araújo - Social Protection Coordinator

Vinícius Couto - Data and Information Supervisor

Igo Gabriel Ribeiro - Technical Assistant of Supervision

Ana Luiza Bandeira - Pre-trial Detention Hearing Advisor

Ana Paula Nunes - Pre-trial Detention Hearing Advisor

Flora Lima - Pre-trial Detention Hearing Advisor

Daniela Dora - Pre-trial Detention Hearing Advisor

Camilla Zanatta - Project Management Assistant

Gabriel Roberto Dauer - Assistente de Gestão de Projeto

Nathália L. Mendes de Souza - Assistente de Gestão de Projeto

Luciano Nunes Ribeiro - Consultant for preparation of Executive Summaries and Translation Review of Legal Parameterization Manuals

Lívia Zanatta Ribeiro - Pre-trial Detention Hearing Advisor

State consultants in Custody Hearing. Click here to know names and UFs


LEAP Programme

Alexander Walsh - Regional Project Officer


TRACK4TIP Programme

Daya Hayakawa - Project Officer


Global Programme for the Implementation of the Doha Declaration and Youth Ambassadors Programme

Rodrigo Araujo - Country Coordinator


Crime and Violence Prevention of Pernambuco Programme

Eduardo Pazinato - Coordinator

Antonio Carlos de Lima - Monitoring and Evaluation Analyst

Rafael dos Santos Fernandes Sales - Monitoring and Evaluation Analyst


Programs in partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)

Eduardo Pazinato - Coordinator (RS)

Emília Ferreira - Consultant (PR)


Corruption and Integrity Area

Eduardo Pazinato - Coordinator 

Global Anti-Corruption Programme (COVID-19) 

Chantal C. de Castro - National Project Officer

Global Action for Business Integrity Programme 

Luis Gustavo Cardoso - National Project Officer 


Center of Excellence for Illicit Drug Supply Reduction

Gabriel Andreuccetti - Coordinator

Bárbara Souto - Technical Advisor for the Prevention of Organized Crime and Illicit Trade

Lídia Barbosa - Statistics Expert

Vanessa Beltrame - Communications Expert

Elisangela Sousa - Institutional Advisor

Claudio Dantas Monteiro - Financial Intelligence and Asset Management Expert

Jairo Jesus Hidalgo - Specialist on Drug Trafficking and Transnational Illicits


Organized Crime in Prisons and Drug Trafficking in a Regional Perspective Programme

Ana Carolina Pekny - Project Coordinator

William Ferreira Junior - Prisons Expert

Mariana Carreara - Project Expert

Pedro Lemos - Monitoring and Reporting Officer


HIV pilot project in Sergipe

Daniele Ribeiro Alves - HIV Project Assistant


Program to End Modern Slavery - PEMS - Tapajós

Igor Richwin Ferreira

Programme Specialist


Health and Development


The Health and Development Unit is responsible for supporting countries in providing a comprehensive and integrated response to questions related to drug abuse, in terms of prevention, attention and treatment, including HIV prevention among drug users, victims of trafficking in persons and people in prison settings.
The unit offers technical support to countries with a view to develop drug prevention actions, offering information to people so that they can make healthy choices, as well as improving the quality of life for people in need of drug abuse treatment.


Support Area

Project Implementation Unit

The Project Implementation Unit is responsible for offering operational and administrative support to the thematic units at the UNODC Liaison and Partnership Office in Brazil, including the project offices in Paraguay and Argentina, in order to guarantee regular implementation of UNODC projects in Brazil and Southern Cone countries.

The unit offers, among other services, support to hiring processes (procurements of goods and services, consultancies and partnerships with civil society), project budgeting and approval processes with relevant authorities at the UNODC headquarters in Vienna. It also supports the monitoring of projects by providing budget and financial information.

Daniela Faria

Finance Associate

Viviane Valadares
Senior Project Assistant

André Augusto Vasconcelos Sabaraense

Finance Assistant

Administration, IT and Human Resources Unit

Pedro Lemos da Cruz

Junior Administrative Assistant

Cristina Silva


Tuane Caroline Barbosa

Junior Administrative Assistant

Gabriel Comasseto

Auxiliar de Recursos Humanos



Aretha Pessanha Cordeiro 

Statistical Assistant

Pedro Olivero Maziero 

Communication Assistant

Rafael Gomes Duarte

Assistant for Architecture



Ilana Zelmanovitz Axelrod 

Isabella Pestana de Andrade do Nascimento

Luiza Caixeta Piazza

Luiza Helena Menezes

Maria Luiza Lopes Lamim De Almeida

Maysa Tavares Rodrigues

Núbia Vale Rodrigues 

Sofia Rocco Stainsack Rocha

Tarsila Klein Schorr

Vivian de Almeida Santos