United Nations participate in the Brazilian national debate for AIDS prevention

16 June 2010 - Ten UN agencies will be present at the VIII Brazilian Congress of STD and AIDS Prevention and I Brazilian Congress of Viral Hepatitis Prevention, which takes place in Brazil from 16 to 19 June at the Convention Center of Brasilia. Around 5000 participants from around the country are expected to participate and to discuss the paths to be traced in order to accomplish the equitable and universal access to prevention in Brazil and to stimulate collective mobilization.

During the event, organized by the Brazilian Ministry of Health, the UN will have a joint stand with the participation of ten agencies, in which the participants will have access to a variety of informational materials and will be able to attend in video and publications releases.

Among the materials distributed, there is a DVD containing a compilation of a variety of materials produced by the United Nations related to the congress' themes. The compilation includes nearly 300 files such as publications, studies, articles, videos and other materials produced by UN agencies.

On day 18, at 1 PM, the UN stand will host the launch of the video "Fragments", which includes testimonials from participants of the award winning "Same as you" campaign against stigma and prejudice to vulnerable populations.

In the same day, at 6 PM, the UN stand will host the launching of a special edition on HIV and AIDS of the journal called Tempus, a periodical specialized in public health, editorially linked to the Centre of Studies in Public Health (NESP) of the Multidisciplinary Advanced Studies Centre (CEAM) and the Department of Public Health (DSC), both from the University of Brasilia (Brazil).

Forming partnerships with the Department of STD, AIDS and Viral Hepatitis of the Ministry of Health, the UN system in Brazil is also involved in the thematic planning and in the discussions during the congress. Participating in several panels, UN technicians contribute to the discussions bringing international references and experiences of national partnership in the AIDS prevention.

The UN agencies are also partners in a pre-conference event: the Health and Prevention in Schools Exhibition, held on 14 and 15 June, dealing with topics as the challenges of the curriculum for sexuality education and international cooperation for the strengthening the agenda of health and prevention in schools.

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