General Comptroller´s Office of Brazil and UNODC extend deadline of applications for competitions of short films, jingles and radio ads on social control

September 9 th, 2010 - The Brazilian General Comptroller´s Office (CGU) and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) have decided to extend until October 29 th the deadline for applications to the 2 nd CGU Minute Competition and the 1 st CGU National Competition of Jingles and Radio Announcement. To apply, candidates must submit unpublished works on the theme "Social Participation and Control: The Practice of Citizenship continues after Voting." Applications can be sent by mail or internet.

Both, video and radio works, should be directed to youth and adults, in language accessible to all audiences. The purpose is that the products can be presented on television or radio, during CGU events and on the Internet. The videos, jingles and radio spots should freely develop stories that involve society into the discussion and the reflection on the importance of active participation of all citizens in the monitoring and control of public administration, as an effective means of citizenship and democracy.

To be selected, works must achieve in a positive, intelligent and distinct manner one or more of the following objectives:

• demonstrate that it is not enough to participate in democracy just by voting, but that after the election we must follow the work of elected candidates and monitor the use of public resources;
• generate a debate in society about the importance of public management control to ensure democracy and citizenship;
• encourage citizens to use their capacity to exercise social control;
• encourage the use of tools such as the Transparency Portal for monitoring governance and practice of democracy;
• raise awareness in society about the importance of social control, citizenship, democracy, popular participation in governance and the proper application of public resources;
• show the public what it takes to combine the efforts of government, citizens, schools, universities and enterprises over a common purpose: to foster an environment of ethics and integrity in the public and private sectors.

The 2 nd CGU Minute Competition will select three audiovisual works, of 60 seconds each, in any modality (fiction, animation, etc..). The works will be broadcasted on television, during CGU events, and on the Internet. The 1 st CGU National Competition of Jingles and Radio Announcement will select three original pieces of radio works, lasting 30 seconds each, under the theme "Participation and Social Control: The Practice of Citizenship continues after the vote." The works will be broadcasted on radio, Internet and CGU events.

The two competitions are designed to engage the community and stimulate reflection on the importance public monitoring as a form of effective citizenship and democracy. A jury will be formed for each competition, through official documents of the General Comptroller´s Office of Brazil.


The first place of each contest will receive R $ 5,000.00 (five thousand reais), the second place will receive R $ 3,000.00 (three thousand reais) and the third place will receive R $ 2,000 (two thousand reais). In the case pieces created by more than one author, the prize will be awarded only to a representative of the group who will have the responsibility to share the prize with the other authors. A representative from each winning prize will also receive travel and lodging expenses to receive the award during the ceremony of the International Day Against Corruption on December 9 th 2010, in Brasilia, Brazil.

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Data source: CGU Communication Department