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Brazilian National Plan to Combat Crack and other drugs will have beds to assist drug users

22 September, 2010 - The Brazilian government has announced the release of  request for proposals and ordinances to the bidding of 6,120 beds set in the National Plan to Combat Crack and other Drugs - a joint ministerial strategy issued last May under the coordination of the National Secretariat on Drug Policy of the President's Office (Senad). The enlargement of care services for crack and other drugs addicts and the qualification of the whole network of drugs user's aid will also be provided. The total investment to arrange and qualify the network of care is estimated at US$ 82 million from both the Ministry of Health and Senad.

According to the Brazilian Minister of Health, José Gomes Temporão, the measures are aimed at increasing actions on drug prevention, treatment and the fight against drug trafficking. "It's a change in the level of integration of institutions with an intersectorial approach and many innovations. It is a time of rising standards of quality of efforts of government and society  in tackling the issue of drugs in Brazil ", said minister Temporão.

Out of the 6,120 beds, 3,620 will be allocated  to the public network on health care - in hospitals, Psychosocial Care Centres on Alcohol and Drugs (Caps AD) and Temporary  Home Cares. The other 2,500 beds are addressed to host in Therapeutic Communities, responsible for hosting individuals with disorders due to the use or abuse of crack and other drugs with no severe clinical impairment.

The edicts and ordinances also establish the implementation of 50 Centres of Psychosocial Assistance, (CAPS III), which will operate 24 hours, responsible for making clinical follow-up, outpatient treatment and hospitalization of people with short duration of disorders related to crack and other drugs use. Municipalities with less than 20,000 inhabitants will have 225 Divisions to Support Family Health (NASFs) programmes. The network of comprehensive care will also be qualified in prevention, treatment and social reintegration of users.

Established by Decree 7.179/10, last May, the National Plan to Combat Crack and other Drugs is composed of shares of immediate and structuring actions. Among the immediate actions are the ones created to fight drug trafficking throughout the country, especially in cities located in border regions and the conduction of a continuous campaign of national mobilization to stimulate the plan. The structuring actions are organized around four themes: integrating prevention, treatment and social reintegration; diagnosis of the situation on the consumption of crack and its consequences; permanent campaign of mobilization, information and guidance, and training of human resources and development of methodologies. Altogether, the Federal Government will allocate US$ 237 million to implement the plan.


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