"Art and Culture in the prevention of crack and other drugs" is the central theme of SENAD conquests

21 March, 2011 - The National Office for Drug Policy (Secrataria Nacional de Políticas sobre Drogas- SENAD), of the Department of Justice, is fostering the 7th Poster National Contest, focused on students from the 2nd to the 5th grade of Elementary School and the First Video Contest, focused on students from the 6th to the 9th grade of Elementary School and on students of High School, the 9th Photography National Contest and the 9th Jingles National Contest. This year the contests have as a theme "Art and Culture for the prevention of crack and other drugs abuse".
SENAD, in partnership with the Center for Company/School Integration (CIEE), have also launched the 10th Monography Contest for University Students, with the theme "Intersectoriality as a Strategy for Crack Confrontation".
The work must be posted until April 25th, 2011. The contests aim to incentivize the participation of students in different levels, in activities for the valorization of life and to stimulate the participation of society in the activities related to drugs abuse prevention.
Annually, the national contests show the perception of society regarding the importance of drug abuse prevention policies, through the wide participation of kids, teenagers, young people, and adults.

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Fonte: Ministério da Justiça

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