UNODC discusses trafficking in persons during International Seminar

July 20, 2011 - The International Seminar: " Responses to Gender Violence in the Southern Cone: Achievements, Challenges and Regional Experiences" brings today in Paraguay, a specific panel to discuss the issue of trafficking in persons in the region.

The regional report released yesterday by the UNODC recognizes that violence in family relationships increases the risk and the exposure of girls and women to other forms of violence such as sexual exploitation and human trafficking. Thus, although not limited to one sex only, also reaching men who are trafficked each year for labor exploitation, it is understood that human trafficking is often specifically related to gender inequality, such that it is necessary to study it also under this aspect.

Understanding the interconnections between these two practices so that we can come to joint solutions to these problems is the objective of the panel "Gender-based violence and trafficking in persons: Interfaces and Challenges" presented today, July 20 th, in Asuncion, Paraguay. For this purpose, members of civil society organizations, representatives of government agencies in the Southern Cone countries and members of the UNODC for the Southern Cone and Colombia got together today at the seminar.

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