UNODC Staff participate in the activities of World Aids Day

02 December, 2011 - On Thursday, 1 December, all UNODC staff members in Brazil participated in an activity based in the campaign 'Stigma fuels HIV'. The campaign seeks to promote among UN staff awareness in the negative impact caused by the stigma associated with HIV.

The staff watched a video and received material containing information about HIV and AIDS. According to the campaign, "Stigma is a negative perception that infects those with little knowledge, leading to rejection, even in the workplace." Often, people fear the result of the HIV test and, therefore, end up failing to seek treatment and care that could save their lives and reduce the potential for transmission.

The activities held in the UNODC were implemented by the Unit for Health and Development.

The campaign is an initiative of the UN Cares Programme (UN on HIV in the workplace) and UN Plus (Group of UN staff living with HIV) and aims to end with 'stigma' within the UN, allowing people living with HIV to develop their full potential in a workplace free of discrimination.

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The campaign materials in five languages are available in the website (

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