Brazilian Federal Judge Odilon de Oliveira receives UNODC award against Corruption 2011

09 December 2011 - On International Day against Corruption, the Brazilian Federal Judge Odilon de Oliveira received the "UNODC Award" for his work in the fight against corruption and organized crime.

Delivering the award, the UNODC representative for Brazil and Southern Cone, Bo Mathiasen, highlighted Olivera's commitment in fighting corruption and organized crime and said that this year the award was dedicated to Oliveira on behalf of all law professionals who end up practically giving up their freedom in the name of a better world.

"Ironically, by requesting or ordering the arrest of criminals to ensure our security, these professionals start to suffer death threats and, in the face of the danger and risks, they need police security 24 hours a day. The courage of these citizens, as of many others who engage in daily confrontation of corruption and organized crime should serve as an example" said Mathiassen adding that: "If each of us realized the importance of acting, denouncing,  saying NO to the smallest acts of corruption, we could change society and build a culture of ethics, integrity and transparency, free of corruption."

Bo Mathiasen alos stressed that countries must do more to ensure protection to their professional and servers. "We must ensure protection to public servants and professionals such as police, border agents, judges and prosecutors. Usually, these professionals are more exposed to the threats of organized crime such as coercion, intimidation and bribe to 'circumvent the rules'."

The award was presented during the event of the Union's Comptroller General Office to celebrate the International Day against Corruption. Learn more about the event.

Federal Judge Odilon de Oliveira

Born the 26 February, 1949, in the Serra do Araripe, Pernambuco, the federal judge Odilon de Oliveira was Municipal Attorney, federal prosecutor and judge. As a Federal Judge since 1987, Odilon de Oliveira has always worked in the border region as a federal magistrate in the criminal area.

Known for his role in fighting organized crime in the Paraguay's border region, in Ponta Pora, Mato Grosso do Sul, the federal judge was responsible for the arrest of more than one hundred drug trafficking leaders in the country.

As a result of his fight against organized crime, Odilon de Oliveira has been repeatedly received death threats. These led him to live under police escort, move away from family and practically loose the right to come and go.

In 2004/2005, acting on the border with Paraguay, the judge resided for ten months in the Army transit hotel, with military escort. Then, for three months, he resided in the Federal Court Forum of Ponta Pora with an escort of 6 to 8 permanent federal agents. Today, he lives in Campo Grande, still with federal police escort.

Currently, he holds the single lower court specialized in processing financial crimes and money laundering in Mato Grosso do Sul


Since 2008, UNODC honors individuals, institutions and initiatives that have significantly contributed to combat and prevent corruption. The award reinforces the idea that the mobilization against corruption must come from all sectors of society, from top federal management to ordinary citizens. See the previous awards.

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