Uruguay presents the results of the project 'Drug Abuse Prevention in the Workplace and Family'

27 December, 2011 - The National Drug Secretariat of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in Brazil and the Southern Cone, ANCAP, ANTEL, UTE, and BPS, under the group of Social Responsibility in Public Corporations in Uruguay, presented on Monday (19) the results of the project Drug Abuse Prevention in Workplace and the Family.

The National Drug Secretariat has considered the preventive intervention in the workplace as a way to address the problematic use of drugs, from the perspective of state social responsibility with employers and workers.

The project objective was to prevent or reduce the demand for primary substances at work, and the impact of drug use on families and the community. The strategy to meet this purpose was to encourage companies to exercise social responsibility and implement the project methodology proposed by UNODC in partnership with the Social Industry Service of Rio Grande do Sul (SESI-RS). The project aimed to increase knowledge on the prevention of problems associated to drug use, prevent and reduce drug use, the incidence of accidents, absenteeism, sick leave due to illnesses associated with drug use, and promoted the improving of the life quality in the workplace, family and community.

The project closing ceremony had the presence of Julio Calzada, Secretary General of the National Drug Secretariat, Nara Santos, Programme Officer of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime in Brazil and the Southern Cone, and representatives from ANTEL, ANCAP, BPS and UTE.

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