Call for designing 2013 International Anti-Corruption Day Campaign theme and logo

Act Against Corruption1 March 2013 - Your chance to design a global campaign! Tell the world how to combat corruption! 9 December is the International Anti-Corruption Day.  UNDP and UNODC, since 2009, have promoted global public campaigns to mark the International Anti-Corruption Day and make it powerful day of action against corruption.

The campaign theme for 2009 and 2010 was 'Your No Counts'. The "ACT - Against Corruption Today" theme was adopted for the 2011 and 2012 campaigns. The 'Your No Counts' and 'ACT' campaigns encourage involvement of all sections of society in addressing the root causes of corruption and also serve as a platform for policy dialogue and action at national and global level.

UNDP and UNODC want to continue to mobilize public and strengthen state and non-state actors' commitment to address corruption through International Anti-Corruption Day Campaigns. Therefore, UNDP and UNODC want to engage youth across the world, through an open competition, to choose 2013's International Anti-Corruption Day campaign theme and logo.

Criteria for selecting the theme and logo

  • The theme/name should aim to be less than five words
  • The theme should embody the message that everyone has the responsibility to address corruption
  • It should be catchy and appealing, and be able to mobilize public, state and non-state actors
  • The theme message should be translatable or adaptable to other UN official languages
  • The logo should capture the message of the theme in other UN official languages
  • The logo should be clean, simple and in primary colours

Criteria for participating in the competition

UNDP and UNODC would like to encourage young people's engagement in the anti-corruption campaign. This competition is open for all young people between the ages of 15 and 25 years. UNDP and UNODC, in particular, encourage young women to participate in this competition.


All applicants should complete this form and send the entries to by March 15,2013 by 23:30 GMT. The logo can be sent as a JPEG file.

Selection and prize

A panel of judges will select the winning entry based on the above mentioned criteria. The UN reserves the right not to appoint a winner and theme if the entries received do not meet the quality standards of the competition criteria. The UN also reserves the right to seek additional information from the applicants to verify the identity of the applicant(s) and the authenticity of the submission

The winner(s) will be announced publicly through the UNDP and UNODC websites and on the website of the 2013 campaign. The winner(s) will receive a paid trip to New York (economy flight and accommodation) to join us at an event to mark the 2013 International Anti-Corruption Day.


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