Fight against corruption in focus inParaguay

Martínez talks at the International Anti-Corruption Day

Asuncion, 13 December, 2013 - This week the Government of Paraguay highlighted the importance of the fight against corruption with a series of activities carried out with the support of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). On Monday, December 9, the International Anti-Corruption Day was celebrated with a ceremony at the Government Palace, which was attended by the President Horacio Cartes.

During the event, the National Anti-Corruption Secretariat (SENAC) announced the beginning of interagency work for the development of a national strategy to combat corruption. This initiative has the support of the UNODC Liaison and Partnership Office in Brazil, in the context of the Programme for Strengthening the Rule of Law, Security and Justice in Paraguay.

During the meeting, SENAC's Minister Soledad Quiñonez said that corruption is the biggest challenge of the contemporary world. It affects all of humanity, making no distinction between countries, and is an endemic disease present in all regions of the globalized world. "Paraguay does not escape from this global problem", she stressed.

The Vice President Juan Afara, cabinet ministers, UN representatives, ambassadors of other countries and representatives of social organizations were also present in the event.

UNODC's Senior Advisor, José Manuel Martínez, stressed the importance of exchanging experiences and international cooperation to promote plans to address and combat corruption, as well as strengthening the legal and institutional frameworks against it. For this, he said a national strategy involving all sectors of society is needed.

National Judicial Integrity Week

One of the activities of the National Judicial Integrity Week

Martínez also highlighted UNODC's support to the National Judicial Integrity Week, organized by the Supreme Court with various activities to strengthen the judiciary by control, transparency and citizen participation. The week began on Monday with the opening of the First National Symposium Against Corruption and the Expo Justice, attended by the Minister of the Supreme Court, Luis María Benítez Riera; Doctor Noyme Yore, from the Ministry of Public Defense, UN representatives, and national authorities.

The Expo Justice, which started on Tuesday at the Palace of Justice, is a space for socializing the progress of the Judicial Power concerning transparency and the fight against corruption. The exhibition can be visited until today in all of the country's districts.

Other activities were also held throughout the week, such as a guided tour of the Judiciary, a discussion on access to information and a lecture on the recommendations of the conventions against corruption of States Parties.

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