UNODC and Ministry of Justice promote the training "Facing Trafficking of Persons for Professionals of the Justice Criminal System"

Brasília, 10 November, 2014 - Between the 3 rd and 7 th of November, it took place in Brasilia the Training Facing Trafficking of Persons, promoted by the Brazil's National Justice Secretariat and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. The course was oriented to professionals of the Justice Criminal System and had the purpose of qualifying and preparing the participants to deal with human trafficking cases, protecting and supporting the victims, and cooperate efficiently among them.

Another purpose of the course is to provide the necessary training so the participants become multipliers of information, focusing on essential areas as the investigative phase of the criminal proceedings. The caution with the victims is very important in human trafficking cases as these people can be treated and judged as criminals very often, and it may cause them traumas and emotional damages.

The course received a broad range of professionals with distinct profiles, who usually work on a same case with different functions. The information exchange, nationally and internationally, is fundamental in human trafficking cases because of the itinerant nature of the crime. The training highlights the international cooperation and presents the diverse methods and resources to be used when interacting with different countries and jurisdictions.

Among the lecturers of the course were representatives of the Ministry of Justice, the Secretariat of Human Rights of Brazil and of the Ministry of Labour and Employment, prosecutors, civil society representatives, international professionals in the investigation area and professionals in criminology and psychology fields.

The clousure of the course was made by Paulo Abrão, National Secretary of Justice, and Rafael Franzini, Representative of the Liaison and Partnership Office of UNODC in Brazil. According to Paulo Abrão, the National Secretariat of Justice understands how necessary it is to deepen the topic of human trafficking and how important this kind of training is to combat this crime. "This course is the culmination of a process that has been made, which aims to establish mutual contacts to assist in investigations. Without the articulation of diverse organisms is impossible to tackle this crime.", concludes Abrão.

To Rafael Franzini, the operators of the Justice system are a key point in the treatment of the victims. Therefore, he highlights the importance of conducting courses like this: "to the victim, the Justice is a network of salvation, being often the only reliable resource for them. That is why it is so important to have a training with a focus on the victim and, even more, this information should be replicated to operators throughout the country."

Rafael Franzini and Paulo Abrão

Group of attendants



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