UNODC and Caixa Seguradora brought together young people to discuss  entrepreneurship

Brasília, 12 December 2014 - On 10 December, the programme Jovem de Expressão, a Caixa Seguradora's social programme in partnership with the Rede Urbana de Ações Socioculturais (RUAS) -- and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) carried out at the Balaio Café, in Brasília, the Dialogues & Youth, a cultural meeting on youth entrepreneurship. 

Young audience 

During the opening ceremony, Caixa Seguros Marketing Coordinator, Alice Antunes Margini Scartezini, and the Rule of Law Programme Officer of UNODC, Nivio Nascimento, released the Young Expression magazine - in Portuguese: Expressão Jovem. The publication is a report on the last four years of the programme, and it frameworks the events, lectures, workshops and cultural initiatives that took place in partnership with the young people from Sobradinho II and Ceilândia.

In addition to the magazine presentation, Alice and Nivio highlighted that the programme has been changing over the past few years and it has been reshaped to the needs and expectations of the youngs who participate in the programme. According to them, this programme is for the yong people, but it belongs to the youngs as well, and it must really remain evolving and alluring to this target public.   

After the opening section, a debate on the young cultural entrepreneur pathways was carried out. Local and national notorious figures participated in the debates: Alfredo Bello, the DJ Tudo; Marcus Faustini, from the Agência Redes para a Juventude; Rodrigo Barata, from the Coletivo Criolina; Evandro Fióti, from Laboratório Fantasma; Lucas Pinheiro, from Coletivo MUB; and Max Maciel, from Rede Urbana de Ações Socioculturais - RUAS, as mediator.

People invited to the debate 

Following the debate, cultural performances were also conducted at the event; The group Charadas de Sobradinho II executed a beautiful dance show, which was followed by a DJ performance with DJ Tudo and Coletivo Criolina's DJs. 

Further more:

Jovem de Expressão is a social programme organized by Instituto Social Caixa Seguradora, in partnership with the Rede Urbana de Ações Socioculturais (RUAS) and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). The programme is present in the city of Ceilândia and it has as objective to promote entrepreneurship education and the autonomy for the youth; offering workshops, community therapy meetings to encourage the young ones to pursue solutions and spaces for entrepreneurship and to express their talents.

Grupo Charadas Performance

The Jovem de Expressão methodology lies upon two bases: the Young Expression, which stimulates the young participation in cultural and communication communitarian workshops based on entrepreneurship; and the Young Speech, a space where the young people, parents and other people exposed to violence discuss fears, concerns and proposals to a better social living.

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