Experts discuss Pact for Life indicators in Brasilia

Brasilia, April 7, 2015 - "We believe that evidence-based programs are the key to dealing with public safety issues," said the Programme Officer of Rule of Law of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), Nivio Nascimento, during the opening ceremony of the international workshop "the role of indicators in the Pact for Life of the Federal District." The workshop took place on Tuesday, April 7, in Brasilia and was organized by the Secretariat of Public Security and Social Peace, in partnership with UNODC and Caixa Seguradora.

The event aimed to present and discuss different ways of data and indicators production in the monitoring of public safety and violence prevention programs. The discussion aims to generate input for the system of indicators and targets, which will guide the program's actions to be implanted in the Brazilian Federal District.

During the opening ceremony, the Secretary of State for Public Security and Social Peace, Arthur Trindade, said that the Pact for Life is a governance methodology, considering that in the public safety area most of the problems involve a large number of institutions, agencies and departments in addressing the question and in the problem solving process. Therefore, it is necessary to build a governance process to allow the coordination and articulation of the actions of all entities involved in public safety issues. The Secretary also pointed out that "the objectives of the Pact for Life in the Federal District are the reduction of lethal and intentional violent crimes and increasing the residents' sense of security."

During the event lectures and case studies on public safety were held. The Researcher in Delinquency and Criminal Justice of UNODC Center of Excellence in Mexico, Alejandra Gomez, was one of the event speakers. In addition to presenting the UNODC Center of Excellence in Mexico and the work she develops, Alejandra also showed examples of good practices that can contribute to the creation of the Pact for Life, highlighting the victimization surveys and the international classification of crimes for statistical purposes (ICCS).

The meeting gathered representatives and experts from government agencies, civil society, professionals and experts from various institutions.

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