DEPEN Launches Programme of Training and Research in Prison Intelligence

Brasilia, 26 May 2015 - The National Prison Department (DEPEN) launched, on 25 May, the Programme of Training and Research in Prison Intelligence. The objective of the programme is to provide improvement, integration and promotion of Prison Intelligence in the states, driving an aligned national policy with international standards of information processing and management.

For the seminar of launch of the programme, were invited secretaries of Justice of the states and several experts of prison intelligence. The opening of the event was on account of Renato De Vitto, Director-general of DEPEN, Rafael Franzini, Representative of United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and Ana Inés Mulleady, Deputy Resident Representative of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Also were present at the opening representatives from bodies such as the National Secretariat of Public Safety (SENASP), Ministry of Justice,Federal Police and the Brazilian Intelligence Agency (Abin).

Rafael Franzini of UNODC emphasized that prison intelligence is a key component to rationalize the use of prisons as way to refrain crime and violence. "Brazil today has the fourth prison population of the world, but this does not mean more security for society. Large intersectoral effort is necessary to reduce incarceration and foster social reintegration", he concludes.


Nivio Nascimento, UNODC

On the 26, the event included two conferences: "Organized groups in the prison system," delivered by Camila Dias, professor of Federal University of ABC and "Management of Safety and Prisoners of High-risk", given by Nivio Nascimento, Programme Officer of UNODC's Rule of Law unit.

In his presentation, Nivio explained that the mass incarceration has contributed to the rise and fortification of criminal organizations and, therefore, investiment in intelligence is fundamental: "the selection of the Training and Research subjects is very appropriate, because it is important to understand the problem from scientific evidence to be able to train different sectors of the prison administration, including the intelligence."

The event was finalized with a table entitled Integration between Prison intelligence and Police intelligence, driven by the Coordinator-general of Intelligence of the National Prison Department and the Board of Directors of Police Intelligence of the Federal Police Department.

With information from National Prison Department.

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