House of Representatives pays Homage to Blue Heart Campaign in a Formal Sitting


Hédel Torres, Davi Brasil, Luiz Couto, Nivio Nascimento and Ronaldo Campos  

Brasília, 14 July, 2015 - On Monday (13), the House of Representatives held a Formal Sitting in honor of the Blue Heart campaign against human trafficking as part of the July 30th celebration established by the United Nations as World Day Against Trafficking in Persons.

The president of the session, Deputy Luiz Couto, emphasized in his speech means for confronting human trafficking which have been utilized both on the international and national scenes, while underlining bill 7370 of 2014 which has already been approved in the House of Representatives and awaits approval in the Senate. Couto also called attention to the elevated number of victims from this crime, giving special emphasis to women and children.

After, the Deputy Director of the Department of Justice, Rating, Titles, and Qualification of the Ministry of Justice, Davi Ulisses Brasil, congratulated the House of Representatives for approving bill 7374 and for bringing the discussion up on more than one occasion in the house. The director mentioned that in the week between the 27th and the 31st of July, the Ministry of Justice, in conjunction with network stations mobilized against trafficking in persons, will organize various activities to raise awareness on the topic throughout Brazil. For the Ministry of Justice, the Blue Heart Campaign represents one of the two key commitments of the National Plan of Action Against Trafficking in Persons.


Nivio Nascimento

The Rule of Law Programme Officer from The United Nation Office on Drugs and Crime, Nivio Nascimento, presented the Campaign from an international perspective and addressed the Palermo Protocol and the three pillars of actions for confronting trafficking in persons: prevention and protection. He further took advantage of the situation to call together the whole of society, including all parliamentary members, to stick with the Campaign, emphasizing the general population's important role in confronting human trafficking.

Also participating in the session were Professor Hédel Andrade Torres and Federal Police Delegate Ronaldo Guilherme Campos. Professor Andrade Torres called to attention the two Parliamentary Inquiry Commissions on Trafficking in Persons in the House and the Senate, in which the blue heart was cited as an instrument to bring awareness and sensibility to human trafficking, while Mr. Guilherme Campos highlighted the importance of denouncing information in order to combat and punish this crime.


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