Today Marks the Beginning of the Week of Action Against the Trafficking of Persons in Brazil

Brasília, 27 July, 2015 - To remind society of July 30, World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, various Brazilian states initiated the Action Against Trafficking in Persons Week today, which will feature events, seminars, lectures, public hearings, and walks, and important monuments will be illuminated.

These actions are part of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime's (UNODC) Blue Heart Campaign against Trafficking in Persons, implemented in Brazil in partnership with the Ministry of Justice and with the institutional support of the Globo Group. The objective of the campaign is to raise society's awareness of this crime, which to this day affects thousands of people throughout the world. The campaign also underlines the mechanisms of denunciation, fundamental to the investigation and conclusion of these cases.

UNODC Campaign

The UNODC is asking people across the world to share their photos on social media with the hashtag #igivehope. This action represents society's commitment to victims of human trafficking.

Campaign in Brazil


With the motto, "So that the dream doesn't turn into a trap," the Brazilian campaign, developed by the Ministry of Justice and replicated by the National Network of Action Against the Trafficking of Persons in the States seeks to alert the general population about the dangers of accepting suspicious job offers.


Federal District

Opening of the Week of Action in the Federal District


Authorities, Federal District Secretariat of Justice and Human Rights Workers, representatives from the UNODC, and civil society will participate in the Opening of the Week of Action against the Trafficking of Persons which took place on July 27th, at the Rodoviária do Plano Piloto in Brasília.

During the opening, the Representative from the Liaison and Partnership Office of the UNODC Brazil, Rafael Franzini, highlighted the importance that actions such as these have for confronting human trafficking: "raising the general population's awareness is key to preventing human trafficking from happening. That's why we congratulate initiatives like this and reinforce our commitment with society via the Blue Heart Campaign." 

Formal Sitting in the House of Representatives


Hédel Torres, Davi Brasil, Luiz Couto, Nivio Nascimento and Ronaldo Campos

In a formal sitting held on July 14th in Brasília, the House of Representatives paid homage to the Blue Heart Campaign Against the Trafficking of Persons. The president of the session, Deputy Luiz Couto, emphasized in his speech means of confronting human trafficking which have been utilized both on the international and national scenes, while underlining bill 7370 of 2014 which has already been approved in the House of Representatives and awaits approval in the Senate.

To see the list of events and actions planned for the Week of Action Against the Trafficking of Persons, click  here.

Illuminated monuments and buildings

Various monuments will be illuminated all week to call attention to this cause.

Photo: Max Haack/Agecom


São Paulo  
Photo: César Ogata/Secom


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