Brasilia, 12 May, 2017 - Members of the Executive Secretariat for Drug Policies of the City of Recife (SEPOD-RECIFE) met with UNODC on 10 May to propose a partnership with the Capital of Pernambuco. SEPOD aims to promote public policies focused on the theme. The portfolio is composed of three pillars: prevention, care, and social reintegration.

During the meeting, the possibility of a partnership between SEPOD-RECIFE and UNODC in the area of prevention, conceived by the Executive Secretariat for Policy on Drugs, was discussed through the 'Mobiliza Recife' Programme which has the Pro-Life Logic of Prevention, In which it empowers individuals, families, community leaders, school communities, and professionals to draw up Promotion Plans focused on Social Transformation. The intention is to foster the development and application of Innovative Prevention Programs for the Use and Abuse of Genuine Brazilian Drugs.

The SEPOD team - composed by the Executive Secretary for Drugs Policy, André Sena, the General Manager of Operations, Mileane Aguiar, the Care Manager, Ana Paula Marques and the Councilor of Recife, Michelle Collins - was received by the Representative of UNODC, Rafael Franzini, and by the Program Analyst of the Health and Development Unit, Francisco Cordeiro, at the UNODC premises in Brasilia.

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