With the support of UN, 100 Venezuelans travel from Boa Vista to Dourados this Saturday (2)

Brasilia, 2 February 2019 - About 100 Venezuelans currently living in Boa Vista (RR) travel this Saturday (2) to the city of Dourados (MS), in the largest internalization ever performed by "Operação Acolhida" in the form of job vacancies. In this modality, the integration of internalized people is accelerated, as Venezuelans travel having jobs guaranteed by a local company.

This is the first time the displacement occurs in a chartered flight, that was guaranteed by the International Organization for Migration (IOM). The agency expects other flights like this, boosting the capacity of internalization with the purpose of reducing the impact on the host communities in Roraima.

The group being transferred to Dourados (MS) will receive from United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) an allowance for their initial needs. The allowance has the purpose of supporting the Venezuelans in the first month after arrival in the reception city. Venezuelans will be accommodated in temporary shelters articulated by the company and the civil society until the acquisition of their new homes.

The transfer of Venezuelan women, children and men from Roraima to other Brazilian states is one of the axes of "Operação Acolhida", that unites the Army, several ministries of the Federal Government, agencies of the UN System in Brazil and entities of organized civil society.

The internalization is a voluntary process in which all beneficiaries are previously registered by UNHCR, that also assists in obtaining the necessary documentation for the regularization of those people in Brazil, together with IOM. The "Operação Acolhida" ensures that everyone is properly vaccinated, and his health exams updated.

To date, around 4,300 refugee applicants and Venezuelan migrants have already been relocated to other parts of the country by means of the internalization strategy promoted by the federal government.


Activity: Internationalization of refugee applicants and Venezuelan migrants to Dourados (MS) 

Date: 2 February 2019 
Location: International Airport of Boa Vista, RR 
Boarding prevision: 18:00


This article is related to the Sustainable Development Goals 16 (Peace, Justice and Strong Instituitions).

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