UNODC and Salvador City Hall hold a free conversations cycle on violence against women

Salvador, 1 July, 2019 - The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and the Municipal Secretariat of Policies for Women, Children and Youth of Salvador (SPMJ, by its acronym in Portuguese), with the support of Caixa Seguradora Institute and Shopping of Bahia, joined efforts to promote, on the afternoon of 6 July, 2019, from 3 pm to 7 pm, at Shopping Bahia, the cycle of free and open discussions about violence against women.

The activity will have special guests who will talk to the public about issues related to prevention, protection and welcoming of victims.

The latest Global Study on Homicide, launched by UNODC in 2018, shows that, although men represent the highest percentage of victims of lethal violence in the world, women continue to be the largest victims of violence generated by gender stereotypes and inequalities.

In Brazil, the exponential growth of femicide cases has been one of the major concerns of states and municipalities. If in 2016, 4,645 women were murdered (4.5 homicides per 100,000 Brazilians), from January to July 2018, "Ligue 180" - Women's Assistance Channel - received almost 80,000 reports of physical and psychological violence against women. In January 2019, one woman was beaten every 45 minutes in Salvador.

In order to bring greater awareness, information and interaction between women and men, UNODC and SPMJ will hold two open and free rounds of talks on prevention and protection factors related to gender-based violence. It is hoped that the rounds will give listeners greater insight into the issue of gender-based violence, both in relation to themselves and among people they know, thus making them multipliers of prevention.

The activity will have an interactive format and an open participation of the local public. Throughout the activity, cultural presentations by local artists and a raffle of gifts to the participants will also be promoted. No prior registration is required.

Special guests

Secretary Rogéria Santos (SPMJ-Salvador)

Major Denice Santiago (PM-BA)

Dr. Simone Borges (Police Officer - Special Police Station for Women's Care)  

Ligia Margarida (Instituto Renascer Mulher)

Vanessa Coelho (Youth Ambassador -  UNODC)

Laisa Crisóstomo (TamoJuntas Organization).


What: Free conversations cycle

Where: Shopping da Bahia

When: 6 july 2019, from 3pm to 7pm

Press contacts

Ana Maria Cobucci

UNODC Brazil