Acting Attorney General Eduardo Casal meets with UNODC representative Kristian Hölge

Buenos Aires, 10 September 2019 - The acting attorney general of the nation, Eduardo Casal, met yesterday with the representative for Latin America of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), Kristian Hölge, and exchanged letters of intent to work together to promote common goals and objectives for strengthening the Oral Accusatory Criminal System. The meeting took place in the portrait room of the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation, located in Peron 667, in downtown Buenos Aires.

Also present at the meeting were the secretary for institutional coordination and head of the Secretariat for Integral Analysis of Terrorism (SAIT, by its acronym in Spanish), Juan Manuel Olima Espel; the heads of the Office of Human Trafficking and and Sex Exploitation (PROTEX, by its acronym in Spanish), Marcelo Colombo and Alejandra Mángano, and the co-chair of the SAIT, Armando Antao Cortez, besides Carlos Andrés Pérez and Carolina Appel, the UNODC crime prevention and criminal justice officer and consultant, respectively.

In the documents exchanged, Casal and Hölgen expressed their interest in developing joint work between the two organizations to promote common goals and objectives to strengthen the capacities of the members of the MPFN for the effective investigation of transnational organized crime and its related crimes; the strengthening, training and transformation of the Public Prosecutor's Office in order to properly and efficiently implement the Accusatory Criminal System; and the improvement of the strategic approach to combat and process terrorist crimes and their financing, human trafficking, drug trafficking and money laundering.

Finally, they discussed the implementation of actions to prevent such crimes by PGN's officials; exchange of experiences, good practices, and knowledge among the different Public Prosecutor's Offices in the region.

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