On Anti-Corruption Day, UNODC participates in international panel for private sector accountability

Brasilia, 9 December 2020 – UNODC Office in Brazil participated in the panel on "international standards for private sector accountability" to mark the week against corruption.

The panel included the head of the FCPA Unit of the United States Department of Justice, Christopher J. Cesaro, the specialist in Public Security, Criminal Justice and Compliance at UNODC, Eduardo Pazinato, the External Control Auditor of the TCU and vice-president of Aud-TCU, Nivaldo Dias Filho, the Attorney General of the Republic, Assistant Secretary for International Cooperation at the Attorney General's Office, Marcelo Ribeiro de Oliveira, and the External Control Auditor of the TCU, Rafael Di Bello, as moderator.

UNODC expert Eduardo Pazinato gave a presentation on the UN Convention against Organised Crime (UNTOC), also known as the Palermo Convention, as well as explained the contributions of the UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC), or the Merida Convention, two of the main global instruments to fight transnational organised crime and corruption in the United Nations system.

Pazinato mentioned measures to intensify cooperation between authorities and members or former members of criminal organizations in the investigation of crimes, as well as provisions dealing with the protection of whistle-blowers, a matter which will be further developed by the UNODC in 2021 on the basis of new international technical cooperation financed by INL and the British Government.

Pazinato also stressed the need to deepen the lobbying normative regulation and the development of new measuring of corruption in the country. In this regard, the expert shared details about the Manual on Corruption Surveys a new parameter for monitoring this complex socio-political, economic, and cultural phenomenon.


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