UNODC conducts global session on United Nations Models (MUN) and youth crime prevention

Brasilia, 3 December 2020 – UNODC office in Brazil led the session "MUNs, Crime Prevention and Global Education: Educational pathways to strengthen knowledge on the rule of law among young people" during the Global Dialogue Series "Reimagining Education for a Fairer World: Inspiring Change Together".

The event was promoted by the Education for Justice initiative, part of the Global Programme for the Implementation of the Doha Declaration, and brings together more than 30 thematic sessions in various languages to discuss challenges and opportunities for promoting and strengthening the culture of peace and the rule of law through education.

The session brought together high-level authorities, experts, teachers and participants of MUN Conferences from Portuguese-speaking countries and neighbouring countries to discuss their educational role in strengthening youth engagement at secondary and tertiary levels of education to promote the rule of law.

Also attending the event were more than sixty young people and education professionals from Brazil, Argentina, Portugal, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Angola and other countries, as well as representatives of the Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP).

E4J Global Dialogue Series

From 1-4 Dec, UNODC hosted the E4J Global Dialogue Series. The event focused on online discussions on the topics of education for the rule of law, the voice of young people, and the role of schools and higher education institutions in contributing mainly to ODS16. The discussions targeted primary, secondary and tertiary education levels, with emphasis on how the international educational community needs to respond to the growing challenges facing education today.

The interactive online discussions also provided a way to discuss the future of education in issues related to justice, the rule of law, ODS and social cohesion, from the perspective of various high-level international partners, educators and academics cooperating with E4J, as well as youth representatives and other beneficiaries.


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