UNODC meets with partners to promote a Logical Framework in Pernambuco


Brasília, 23 February 2021 - The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) participated in a monitoring meeting, this Tuesday (23), at the Secretariat of State for Drug and Violence Prevention Policies (SPVD). Attending the meeting were representatives of UN organizations, the Secretary of Policies on Drugs and Violence Prevention, Cloves Benevides, and the General Manager of Special Projects, Márcia Ribeiro.

The meeting was part of the Pernambuco Crime and Violence Prevention Programme, a partnership among UNODC, SPVD, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), as well as the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT) and the Igarapé Institute.

In order to provide technical support for the implementation and monitoring of part of the Programme and to monitor the development of the State's prevention strategy, the meeting also tried to validate the strategy for building the Logical Framework for Prevention in the State, and was led by UNODC in partnership with other United Nations organizations and the Igarapé Institute.

"In the coming weeks, the Logical Framework for Prevention will be developed. The objective is to qualify the policies in progress, by focusing on actions based on scientific evidence. We are bringing the best international good practices and specialized scientific literature to increase reach and impact of Pernambuco's Prevention Policy", says UNODC's local consultant, Rafael Sales.

The document aims to present a diagnosis of the problems of violence and crime in the State, projects and actions that have been developed (public policies for the prevention of violence) and the monitoring and evaluation indicator.

According to the UNODC project supervisor, Eduardo Pazinato, "this initiative aims to contribute to the strengthening of public policies for drug prevention and violence in the context of the recognized “Pact for Life Programme” of Pernambuco.

On the occasion, the new office of the UN agencies involved in Pernambuco Cooperation: Prevention, Citizenship and Safety, was also inaugurated in a place provided by the SPVD, and was visited by the State Secretary of Planning and Management, Alexandre Rebêlo, the Executive Secretary of Management by Results, Maria Teresa, and the representative of SEPLAG, Ryan Amorim.

UNODC's participation in the Crime and Violence Prevention Programme of Pernambuco

The agreement among UNODC, SPVD and UNDP aims to support the production of technical subsidies to strengthen the integrated state strategy for the prevention of violence and treatment of drug use disorders, based on scientific evidence and international best practices. 

The partnership also foresees the development of an indicator matrix to contribute to the monitoring of policies to prevent crime, violence and drug abuse, aimed at adolescents and young people aged 12-29 years, exposed to violence and various situations of social vulnerability in the 20 (twenty) Integrated Security Areas (AISs) prioritized by the state of Pernambuco (Special Territories of Citizenship - TECs).  

The matrix will be based on the interface between police and youth, through the Police Activity Compliance Index (ICAP/UNODC); between youth, lethal victimization and social vulnerabilities, inspired by indicators such as the Index of Juvenile Vulnerability to Violence (IVJ). Both indexes will be integrated into the methodology for mapping criminal faction networks. 


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