UNODC promotes workshops to build the Logical Framework for Prevention in PE

Brasília, 19 March, 2021 - The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) is promoting a series of workshops with public managers from the Secretariat for Violence and Drug Prevention Policies (SPVD).

The activities focus on the structuring of the Violence Prevention Logical Framework, to be incorporated to the Pernambuco state security and social defense policy, known as "Pact for Life".

Started on 9 March, the workshops are the result of a partnership among UNODC, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT) and the Igarapé Institute.

The Logical Framework (also known as Logical Framework, LogFrame or MPP - Project Planning Matrix) is a method for designing, describing, monitoring and evaluating programmes and projects, which is widely used at international level. Organisations such as the UN, World Bank, IDB, European Union use it. The approach is based on the scientific method of social research, structuring projects in a chain of cause and effect relationships, built on scientific evidence, involved in addressing the issue at hand.

In Pernambuco, the workshops will help to think on existing programmes, projects and actions in the state related to violence prevention.

Based on the analysis of violence prevention and the focus that the State of Pernambuco needs to give to its actions, it is expected at the end of the activity to produce a technical document that will guide and delimit the focus of violence prevention in the State of Pernambuco and enhance the effectiveness of the actions implemented.

According to the UNODC project supervisor, Eduardo Pazinato, "the participative and collaborative methodology adopted to conduct this process with UNDP, UN-Habitat and the Igarapé Institute, under the leadership of the SPVD of Pernambuco, has the power to enhance the expected results for a sustainable decrease in violent crime in the context of strengthening the Pact for Life", he said.

The policy of social prevention of crime and violence in the state of Pernambuco, was established by State Law No. 16,569 of 15 May 2019, with the purpose of contributing to the prevention and reduction of crime and violence, through the promotion of integrated actions of public policies in the territories of higher criminal incidence to overcome vulnerabilities that induce violence and crime, especially the one with priority for the attention of more vulnerable social groups and segments.

SPVD's Special Projects Manager, Marcia Ribeiro, emphasized that the Secretariat is making an effort to build a unique process in Pernambuco that meets the demands and local specificities, focusing on the dynamics of violence in the state, but connected with the national and international scientific trends in Brazil and worldwide. "This gives to the process of designing public policy a high technical-political quality, but also a great sensitivity to what the population of Pernambuco faces with the Violence," she stated.

On 30 March, the third meeting of the Workshop will take place, when the specific focus of the state's prevention policy and of the programmes led by SPVD will be discussed. The event will count on the participation of the Secretary Cloves Benevides.

Until the end of April, the document will go through the governance analysis with the State Government Secretariats related to the theme, as well as the governor Paulo Câmara. 


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