CoE presents the results of the bulletin on Asset Management in a federal government seminar

The Center of Excellence for Illicit Drug Supply Reduction (CoE) participates, this week, in the III Intersectorial Seminar on Prevention, Awareness, and Fight Against Drugs. The event is promoted by the Ministry of Citizenship and the Ministry of Justice and Public Safety in allusion to the National Week of Drug Policy, which takes place annually in the fourth week of June.

With the topic "The role of youth in public policies on drugs", the III Seminar will be held online, broadcasted by the Ministry of Citizenship channel on YouTube, on 24-25 June, from 2 pm to 6 pm.

On the 25th, from 2pm, the director of the UNODC Liaison and Partnership Office in Brazil, Elena Abbati, will present the main findings of the World Drug Report 2021, on the panel "Drug Policies in Brazil and International Cooperation.

From 3:10 pm, the CoE will present the panel "Management of Seized Assets in the context of drug trafficking and the illicit market - decapitalization of organized crime to strengthen public policy in Brazil", showing the results of the 1st thematic bulletin of the Center of Excellence, released in early June.

Participating in the debate are the Coordinator of the CoE, Gabriel Andreuccetti, and the Asset Management and Financial Intelligence Specialist of the CoE, Claudio Monteiro, as well as the Director of Asset Management of the National Secretariat for Drug Policy of the Ministry of Justice and Public Safety (SENAD/MJSP), Giovanni Magliano Júnior, and the General Police Coordinator for Repression of Drugs, Arms and Criminal Factions of the Federal Police, João Luiz Caetano de Araujo. The panel will be mediated by the Director of Public Policy and Institutional Articulation of SENAD/MJSP, Gustavo Camilo Baptista.

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