UNODC and Rio de Janeiro's City Hall meet to discuss public security and youth

Brasília, 6 July 2021 - The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) held a meeting with the Municipal Public Order Secretariat of Rio de Janeiro (SEOP), last Tuesday afternoon (13) to discuss common themes, such as youth and public security.

The theme of youth and its role in preventing violence was at the centre of the debate. Representatives from both institutions discussed issues such as: domestic violence, positive and sustainable use of public spaces, institutionalised violence, racism and, above all, the role of public security as an instrument for guaranteeing other fundamental rights, such as access to education, health and leisure.

The Public Order Secretary, Brenno Carnevale said that young people are the main victims of violence.

Maria Eduarda Lacerda Couto, SEOP's Undersecretary of Strategic Planning, stressed the importance of multi-sector partnerships, including private social investment, to strengthen joint efforts to prevent violence and crime.

UNODC and SEOP also discussed technical challenges related to knowledge and information management in public security, highlighting the work developed by the UN agency and the government body to strengthen the analysis of criminal spots, as well as to enhance police intelligence and investigation in cases related to security governance.

UNODC also presented to the Secretariat its portfolio of national and international projects to strengthen governance, security and crime prevention.

Positive experiences were shared from the Youth Ambassadors Programme, the partnerships with the state governments of Rio Grande do Sul and Paraná, and the UNODC Global Initiative to strengthen the governance of urban security.

UNODC welcomed SEOP's comments and contributions and looks forward to working closely with the Secretariat to strengthen institutional structures and the rule of law in pursuit of a common goal: effective crime prevention.


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