Pernambuco Cooperation presents strategies to violence prevention policy

The Event "Governance of evidence-based public policies on violence prevention" will mark the announcement of new strategies and platform for the state's prevention policy.

Recife, 20 September 2021 - The Government of Pernambuco, through the Secretariat for Violence and Drug Prevention Policies (SPVD), will hold the international workshop Governance of evidence-based public policies on violence prevention, from 21 to 23 September. With online broadcasting through YouTube, the event will announce new violence prevention strategies, present the Prevention Observatory, as well as other plans guiding prevention policies in the State for the near future.

Secretary Cloves Benevides has been actively working for the new structure of the violence and drug prevention policies, to keep up with most up-to-date knowledge on the subject. "Public policies to deal with such a complex and multifaceted theme must be adapted to technical evidence and to societal demands" he argued.

The new strategies will streamline and optimize the physical, financial and human resources of the preventive public policies of the Pact for Life, by mitigating risk factors (such as school dropout and/or evasion, the illegal proliferation of firearms, and other illegal goods, such as drugs). The new strategies will also strengthen protective factors, capable of reducing specific behaviors and vulnerabilities of Pernambuco's population. The overall goal is to reduce the probability of individuals being perpetrators or victims of crime and violence.

Over the past six months, technical workshops and focal groups were held with SPVD teams and technicians from the Secretariat for Planning and Management (Seplag), as well as consultants from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the United Nations Human Settlements Program (UN-Habitat) and the Igarapé Institute. The workshops were coordinated by UNODC, stemming from the logical framework methodology, and resulted in the development of strategies and a new structure for the violence prevention policy.

The programs and actions of the violence prevention strategy are now focused on the prevention of violent crimes, based on the particularities and recurrence of each of these events, as well as considering the complex social contexts of race/ethnicity, gender, and multiple territories of origin. In this context, data are mapped by the State Observatory for Social Prevention of Crime and Violence, allocated alongside Seplag, in coordination with the state departments involved in prevention, through the framework of the Pact for Life.

Pernambuco's Secretariat for the Prevention of Violence and Drugs, under the coordination of Secretary Cloves Benevides, reinforces its role as an articulator of the prevention policy in the state, concerting resources and strategies around the goal of containing violence by anticipating occurrences, with a qualified look at specific populations, while understanding the territory as central to this process.

Pernambuco Cooperation

The Pernambuco Cooperation is a multi-agency initiative, led by SPVD, with the participation of UNODC, UNDP, UN-Habitat and the Igarapé Institute. It is a joint effort to develop knowledge and share innovative and integrated methodologies that can strengthen actions of social and situational crime and violence prevention, as well as care for people who make harmful use of alcohol and other drugs in the state of Pernambuco.


Event: International Workshop Governance of Evidence-Based Public Policies on Violence Prevention

Date: From 21 to 23 September 2021.

Where: Online broadcast on YouTube (



International Workshop: Governance of Evidence-Based Public Policies on Violence Prevention

Tuesday (21 September 2021) – SEPLAG (Aurora St., 1377)

14h - 16h

Launch of Pernambuco's Prevention Strategy

(broadcast through the YouTube channel of the Government of Pernambuco)


Alexandre Rebêlo - Secretary of Planning and Management

Humberto Freire - Secretary for Social Defense

Cloves Benevides - Secretary of Violence and Drug Prevention Policies

Nivio Nascimento - Coordinator of the UNODC Rule of Law Unit

Melina Risso - Igarapé Institute
Rayne Ferretti - Representative of UN-Habitat Brasil

Moema Freire – Representative of UNDP 

Wednesday (22 September 2021) – SEPLAG (Aurora St., 1377)


09h - 10h40

Rountable 01 | Pernambuco's Observatory for Social Prevention of Crime and Violence (broadcast through the YouTube channel of the Government of Pernambuco)


Paulo Câmara - Governor of Pernambuco
Alexandre Rebêlo - Secretário de Planejamento e Gestão

Nivio Nascimento - Coordinator of the UNODC Rule of Law Unit

Melina Risso - Igarapé Institute

Terine Husek- Igarapé Institute

Paula Guedes - National Coordinator of the Pernambuco Cooperation (moderator)


10h45 - 12h

Pernambuco's Prevention Strategy

(broadcast through the YouTube channel of the Government of Pernambuco) 


Eduardo Pazinato – UNODC (Moderator)

Nívio Nascimento – UNODC

Rafael Sales – UNODC

Jaideep Gupt  - Institute of Development Studies, United Kingdom (International Debater)

Joana Monteiro - Getúlio Vargas SP Foundation (National Debater) (on-line)


14h - 17h

UN-Habitat Inaugural Exploratory Walk


Field activity to apply the principles of the CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) methodology, with the SPVD team.

Thursday (23 September 2021) – SPVD (Dr. Carlos Chagas St., 136)


09h - 12h

Internal meeting - Pernambuco Cooperation and Secretariat of Planning and Management


Communications Coordinator: Celso Calheiros – (55) 81 99139-8866 



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