UNODC Brazil organizes second Technical Dialogue on Whistleblower Protection

Brasilia 28 October 2021 - The United Nations Office on Drugs on Crime (UNODC) organized the second Technical Dialogue of the series "Good practices of integrity in public procurement and whistleblower protection in the health sector post-Covid-19," focused on “Whistleblower protection: institutional and normative challenges in Brazil”.

The series of Technical Dialogues is an initiative of the UNODC global project "Ensuring effective responses to COVID-19 and future emerging crises through transnational programs on transparency and integrity in public procurement, whistleblower protection and oversight mechanisms in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Indonesia, Paraguay, Philippines, South Africa and Timor-Leste" supported by the Bureau of International Law Enforcement and Narcotics of the U.S. Department of State (INL/USA).

The technical dialogue aimed to share and discuss good practices to promote transparency in public procurement and to protect whistleblowers in Brazil, while also seeking to foster national cooperation and strengthen the country's response to future emergency crises based on international best practices.

The event had 245 participants and was supported by strategic national and international partners, including the Brazilian Office of the Solicitor-General, Office of the Controller-General of the Union (CGU), Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Justice and Public Security (MJSP), Ministry of Health, National Strategy to Combat Corruption and Money Laundry (ENCCLA), Albert Einstein Israeli Hospital, Ethos Institute, Institute Ética-Saúde, Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), World Health Organization (WHO), Attorney General of the Union, UN Global Compact Brazilian Network, Federal Court of Auditors, School of the Office of the Solicitor-General of the Union, Procurement Integrity Consulting Services and the Open Contracting Partnership. 


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