UNODC Brazil co-organizes the First International Seminar on Narcotrafficking through Ports and Maritime Vessels

Brasilia, 24 March, 2022

UNODC Brazil co-organized the ‘First International Seminar on Narcotrafficking through Ports and Maritime Vessels’ of the National Secretariat for Drug Policy (SENAD). 

The event took place from 22 to 24 March 2022 and included technical presentations from UNODC projects: Brazil’s Centre of Excellence (CoE), the Global Container Control Programme (CCP), and the Global Maritime Crime Programme (GMCP).

The CoE recently launched a study on the impacts of Covid-19 on drug trafficking in Brazil which highlighted new modalities of trafficking, new regions, including drug trafficking through waterways and ports.

According to the World Drug Report 2021, the cocaine trafficking chain between South America and Europe is the second largest in the world and, with COVID-19, new modalities of drug trafficking have emerged, as well as new routes, mainly by maritime and riverine means, and through private aircraft. 

In this context, the initiative aimed to promote inter-agency cooperation through a broad discussion on strengthening prevention, control, inspection and repression of transnational crimes in maritime and riverine environment (ports, rivers, the entire Brazilian coast and maritime border). 


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