Electronic monitoring of people: a perspective from Brazil

At least 90,000 Brazilians are under electronic monitoring (2022). The National Council of Justice (CNJ), in partnership with the UNDP, promotes a series of initiatives within the scope of the Fazendo Justiça program focused on fundamental rights. This includes the launch of technical publications on the topic.


Aiming to foster international debate and disseminate Brazil's approach to electronic monitoring of individuals, these publications have been fully translated into English. You can access (and share!) all of them through the links below:


📕 Management Model for Electronic Monitoring of People: https://bit.ly/46yCQXw


📗 Informative for Public Security Agencies: https://bit.ly/3Fl3bN2


📘 Informative Brochure for the Social Protection Policy Network: https://bit.ly/45z8l2g


📙 Informative Brochure for the Justice System: https://bit.ly/46y56JT



Learn more: http://www.agenda2030.com.br/  

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