Criminal Justice and Integrity

Pillar II of the UNODC-SADC Joint Regional Programme, to make the Southern African Region Safer From Crime and Drugs aim to strengthen the national criminal justice systems of SADC countries in line with UN standards and norms and to promote international cooperation in the region through harmonised legislations and mechanisms for direct cooperation among relevant actors. In particular, it focuses on:

  • The effectiveness of criminal justice institutions, investigations, prosecutions, access to justice, fair trial and the enforcement of penal sanctions;
  • Protection of women and children from violence;
  • Crime prevention measures, in particular with regard to gender-based violence and urban crime;
  • Treatment of individuals in prison settings;
  • A regional coordination mechanism for criminal justice actors;
  • Corruption
  • Regional capacities to address international terrorism and the financing of terrorism.

As the guardian of the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime and the United Nations Convention against Corruption, UNODC has been assisting Governments in the Southern African region to develop and implement national legislation in order to ensure alignment with the Conventions.

UNODC has provided technical assistance to criminal justice practitioners, promoted cross-border information sharing in order to assess and analyse crime trends, assisted Member States in the implementation of anti-corruption initiatives, and worked towards better alignment among national criminal justice systems in the region.

Current Initiatives

Two main projects are currently being implemented by UNODC under this pillar:

Previous initiatives

UNODC Southern Africa has completed several projects particularly concerned with strengthening criminal justice systems in the region, such as: