Consultancies and Opportunities

Employment opportunities and consultancies at UNODC generally work on a project-by-project basis. As and when positions arise, UNODC Southern Africa will post these below and invite suitable applicants to apply. All vacancies are also advertised in the national and local newspapers of the applicable country/ies.

Unfortunately due to the nature of each project being highly different, as well as sporadic implementation dates, UNODC Southern Africa cannot accept unsolicited CV's.

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Local Consultant Trafficking in Person (Manual for Malawi Police)

The overall objective of this assignment is to review the current Malawi Police Service recruit training curriculum and develop modules and Manuals or Trainers Guides that will be used to build skills and knowledge for the effective enforcement of the Trafficking in Persons Act (2015). The total number of Manuals or Trainers Guide will vary between three (3) and four (4) depending on the need to include issues of trafficking in each of the manuals. Terms of Reference   P11 form

Closing Date for Applications : 23h59 on 28 February 2019

Communication Expert- Trafficking in Persons

The purpose of the assignment is to develop anti-trafficking in person's communication strategy for the Ministry of Homeland Security and the National Coordination Committee against Trafficking in Person which will serve as part of communications tool for the implementation of the Malawi TIP awareness raising campaign to be implemented under UNODC's new TIP cooperation project with Malawi. Terms of Reference   P11 form

Closing Date for Applications : 23h59 on 14 February 2019


LOCAL CONSULTANT - Trafficking in Persons

UNODC has worked closely with the government of Malawi in a variety of counter-trafficking initiatives, providing support from the regional office in Pretoria under the auspices of UNODC's Regional Programme with the SADC Secretariat. With the launch of the country-specific TIP Project for Malaw , UNODC is planning to target the following objectives t o assist Malawi to develop and/or strengthen and implement national strategies, plans or policies against trafficking in persons, bring national legal frameworks in line with international standards, strengthen its criminal justice response to trafficking in persons, including regional cooperation in criminal matters related to trafficking in persons following a victim centred-approach. Terms of Reference   P11 form

Closing Date for Applications : 23h59 on 14 February 2019


Legislative Drafting Consultant

UNODC runs a regional trafficking in persons project in partnership with SADC Secretariat.   Amongst other objectives, its seeks to support countries who enacted specific counter-trafficking in persons (hereafter "TIP") legislation some years ago, to update their legislation to remain responsive to the ever-evolving nature of TIP, in line with the Palermo Protocol, and to the realities and challenges they have faced on the ground in implementation of their legislation. The programme also supports countries to develop Implementing Regulations to ensure effective operationalization of their trafficking in persons principal legislation. It is under the pretext of this project UNODC will provide technical assistance as outlined above to selected SADC member states. Terms of Reference   P11 form

Closing Date for Applications : 23h59 on 14 February 2019


Programme Assistant

The position is located in the UNODC Regional Office for Southern Africa (ROSAF) in the Mozambique programme office. Under the overall supervision of UNODC Representative a.i. the Programme Assistant provides a comprehensive range of inter-related but distinct administrative support services for the UNODC ROSAF programme office in Mozambique. In performing administrative and financial functions, the incumbent will work in close cooperation with ROSAF Programme Management Unit which will provide feedback to the evaluation of incumbent's performance.     Terms of Reference   P11 form

Closing Date for Applications : 23h59 on 15 February 2019



The individual consultant is expected to produce an analytical report assessing the level of opiate trade in the region, with a specific focus on heroin consumption, trafficking routes and flows (including volume) and precursor trafficking. The report will also include information on the nature and the extent of the involvement of organized crime in the opiate trade and links to illicit trade in other forms of narcotic drugs