UNODC supports the development of a new draft law in Ghana

From 12 to 14 December 2018, UNODC led a legislative workshop during which a specific working group brought together from various national institutions was able to establish a first draft of a new law on smuggling of migrants. This result is a milestone towards enhancing Ghana's legal framework and thus its response to crimes related to smuggling of migrants. The outcome of the draft law is expected to reverse this criminal phenomenon.  Read more

Operation OPEN ROADS against cross-border crime gives satisfactory results

From 30 November to 4 December 2018, over 300 officers from 15 law enforcement agencies took part in the operation covering ten land border posts between Gambia, Guinea-Bissau and Senegal. On 18 December, law enforcement authorities from these three countries met in Dakar to discuss and evaluate the results and lessons learned from that Operation "Open Roads." Read more

UNODC launched its Midterm Report of the Regional Programme for West Africa

The Midterm Report of the UNODC Regional Programme for West Africa was officially launched during the regional Steering Committee meeting on 27 November 2018 in Dakar, Senegal. The Report showcases the results achieved by the governments of the West African region, with the support of UNODC, regarding their fight against illicit trafficking, transnational organized crime, corruption, terrorism and drug demand reduction. Read more



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