Islamic Republic of Iran


Chief Cyber Police and Country Representative of UNODC Iran discussed modalities of expanding international cooperation


Tehran, 11 September 2018 - Chief of the Islamic Republic of Iran Cyber Police, Brigadier General Seyed Kamal Hadiyanfar, and UNODC Iran Country Representative, Mr. Alexander Fedulov, discussed modalities of expanding international cooperation on incident responses to cybercrimes and attacks, as well as improving institutional capacities and sharing expertise.

Chief of the Islamic Republic of Iran Cyber Police referred to acts of national and transnational organized criminal groups on cyber space and web-based platforms as main global concerns, which, although, they have been addressed as virtual phenomena, they do affect nature and quality of lives of citizens globally. He believed a majority of criminal activities are planned and carried in deep and dark webs and their financial benefits are formed in bitcoins, cryptocurrencies and other forms of digital currencies. He expressed his office's interest to work jointly with UNODC, as a regional hub and a training center which can disseminate expertise with other countries in its region and at inter-regional level.

UNODC Iran Country Representative welcomed ideas shared by the Cyber Police and expressed his office's willingness and readiness to expand cooperation, in line with the objectives of UNODC Country Partnership Programme 2016-2019. He shared his office's interest to act as a bridge between Iran and international community in areas of common interests. He further advocated mandates of Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice and called it a unique international forum where the Cyber Police can present its achievements.

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